I started to type ‘hey where’s the Transformers: Prime AU where Shockwave is a vamptank’ and then I remembered that undead cannibal car robots were already canon.

I joined Smashwords, and



Green and untested, Lt. Delacruz has taken command of a battle hardened tank platoon midway through its tour of Afghanistan. Ready to prove himself in combat, he has found it a more daunting task to prove himself to his men. Stranded on the field of battle and cut off from all support, Delacruz learns the tank he rides is in fact a blood drinking beast.

Yes joining Smashwords was definitely a good decision.

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Where are the fics where the Equalists talk shit about Tarrlok and draw unflattering caricatures of him and burn him in effigy while Amon just responds to their antics with wry, paternal laughter and feels vaguely uncomfortable?

Equalists are bad and scary look at their creepy glowing eyes and bombs and stop asking questions.
We know they’re bad because we can’t see their faces.
That would have been a great fix, actually! Because everything feels so futile otherwise. Korra stops “evil”, but doesn’t do much good otherwise =/
Korra’s #1 problem as a protagonist (and this is such a ridiculously common flaw with protagonists, so hey) is that she’s more reactive than proactive*. Season 2 was the worst for this. Good god, season 2.
And if she’s meant to be a heroic character, then… Ehhh, the writers aren’t really convincing me, there. She’s a little too self-absorbed and concerned with her own ego. (Like seriously, her main beef with Kuvira in season 4 isn’t ‘Kuvira is hurting people,’ but ‘Kuvira is uniting the Earth Kingdom AND THAT’S MY JOB’.) Now, having a character who’s egocentric is fine, and it should make her interesting and human, but it doesn’t mean that I’m going to root for her all the time.
I don’t want to rag on her too much though, because I think she’s matured a lot over the past 3 seasons.

Also what fuck was with the Equalist plotline.

hightechzombie replied to your post:I don’t know how I feel about LoK’s villain…

Totally agree. Photoshop the puppy out of the picture and everything gets… really messy.

I feel so torn, because on one hand I don’t want it to be an ‘EVERYONE HAS BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS, NO ONE HAS THE MORAL HIGH GROUND’ gritty grimfest, and on the other hand, I want the messiness.

I’d probably be a bit happier if there were more characters who tried to change the status quo and weren’t MUAUHAHA EVIL about it.

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I don’t know how I feel about LoK’s villain formula of ‘I have a goal that’s sort of reasonable and I pose an interesting challenge to the status quo but whoops I’m also kind of a sociopath NOW LOOK AT ME AS I KICK THIS PUPPY’.

I mean, for a Saturday morning cartoon, it works, but…


don’t look at me

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